How Can Dopamine Help?

In today’s support for your health and wealth creation, let’s implement state of the art neuroscience with personal development.

Why do most who’ll swear they want bigger and better continue to do what’s easy rather than what’s right? The reasons are no mystery. Some reasons have to do with comfort.

1. It’s common knowledge that it takes 2-4 weeks to change a habit or attitude. For many, this is a quick fact, yet something which is held as information-only, rather than used as a tool to inspire the shifting of personally limiting habits. We need to say “It’s true for me, not just “It’s true” or “It’s true for that other guy.”

2. Staying with an old habit or taking the path of least resistance creates that comfort zone we can endlessly and brilliantly justify. Remaining on this path is a coping devise or defense mechanism. “Defending us from what?” you ask. A simple answer: Avoiding change supports our ego’s desire to promote the status quo. Remaining safe in old habits is our way of protecting ourselves from the discomfort of stretching, growing and perhaps, failure. Our ego wants us to stay just where we are, to continue to feel smart without pushing limits.


Remember the principle of the ‘carrot and the stick.’ Our basic motivations are hope of reward and the fear of pain or loss. Sometimes, even when the possibility of gain may be huge; the requirements of learning, change, and action push the ego to move to complacency in order to hold on to its comfort. That battle is fought relentlessly by so many who know their valuable opportunities not taken have been far outnumbered by the opportunities presented.

Besides not having goals well-defined, stagnation results from perception that what needs to be done is overwhelming, too hard or uncomfortable. For example:

* If a salesperson feels that making a lot of prospect calls on a consistent basis is just too much to endure or that a “no” is an indication, a “sign,” that the entire experience is unproductive, then distractions can easily deflect that person from this task which may be critical to a desired outcome.

* If choices necessary to achieving a healthy body are perceived as burdensome or sacrifices, as cost rather than wonderful investment, it’s likely that caving to old food and exercise habits will be the comfort zone chosen.

* If reading slowly is a burden and it’s perceived as a fixed reality, the reader will probably not pick up too many books.

All these perceptions are just that, personal perspectives chosen, not some fixed reality or real limit.

In order to get out of the states of stagnation and personal disappointment for action not taken, either the disappointment needs to hit some bottom or the WHY must be polished to what’s called a Burning Desire.

Add BURNING DESIRE to bring our best, powerful game, and the goal becomes easy

* When a salesperson discovers a buyer’s “WHY” or purpose, the transaction moves along with more ease and clarity to reach that purpose.

* Find out what moves you in business. Money itself is rarely the motivator. Whether you are inspired to not lose the lifestyle you have or to elevate lifestyle, for recognition, or to serve others and the world, your focus becomes sharper and distractions are replaced by the tasks at hand that propel you on the journey to the goal.

* When the motivation to lose weight has only led to more empty promises or more weight, add to the mix a serious motivator like a high school reunion, vacation or prize, then acting on decisions in line with the goal becomes easy. Suddenly the empty personal promise has become a sacred commitment.

Short Course: The CHEMISTRY of FEELINGS and Taking Control

When you look forward to doing anything with joy, happiness or positive expectancy, you feel goooood. When someone gives you a compliment, the deal goes through, you win the poker hand, anticipating sex or a great round of golf, you feel goooood.

This is not just a psychological feeling. Your fantasy of positive expectation or result creates a very real biochemical reaction. You feel goooood because your perception of a goooood experience triggers the neurotransmitter dopamine in the mid-central or limbic section of the brain. This neurotransmitter spreads through the brain in an instant and sets other positive forces into action. In other words, your positive thought changes your chemistry and your feelings.

Interestingly, your negative expectations or fantasy of negative results, create no dopamine response and things don’t look as welcoming.

Neuroscientists are now teaching what the mystics have taught for millennia: Create and hold positive thoughts and you change your world. Since we now understand how to activate dopamine and this natural chemical process for feeling good, we have the ability to, on demand, create, activate and control our feeling goooooood. So, you’ll see, with positive visualizaton, we can add joy to the goals we consider. We can add a Burning Desire to make business, weight control, relationships.. literally to any habit or attitude.

How to ACTIVATE a BURNING DESIRE and Create Internal Excitement.

Up your dopamine cocktail to change your life.

Stimulating the subconscious with positive visualization, we can trigger dopamine and cause endorphins to go about their healing work. We can do this all through visualization and we learn fastest in focused relaxation.

Many today do some form of personal development in the direction of self-hypnosis, meditation, and visualization. Whether you are among those who’ve been consistent or not, just bring your focus to these simple steps I’m about to share, and you will increase your positive response dramatically. These dopamine supplements available on Amazon to try them just click on the link.