Effective Method To Increase Semen Volume

Low sperm count is a complex situation as it can be caused due to many reasons; hence an all round natural treatment is the best option for its cure. Natural treatment uplifts the functioning of whole reproductive system which eventually cures the problems and also promote sound sexual health without leaving any side effects. Herbs, proper diet and healthy regime constitute the best natural treatment.

There are few very effective herbs which can increase semen volume of the problem of low sperm count by supplementing the body with vital nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, these herbs also improve functioning of internal organs and balanced hormonal activity for sound sexual health and increased sperm quantity for healthy semen production. Maca roots are rich sources of vitamin B1, B2, C and E and amino acids. Consumption of these roots also provide minerals like iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorous and calcium, these minerals are extremely effective in curing low sperm count. Shilajit is an all round herb which can alleviate over all sexual health by its vast range of properties. Shilajit improves immunity, increase sperm production, increase metabolism for higher energy levels, improves mental health and maintains proper hormonal secretion and production.

Tribulus terresteris is another herb which provides best natural treatment for low sperm count caused due to lack of testosterone secretion or due to ill prostrate health. It also boosts energy levels in the body for better sexual performance and works very well for improving semen health by increasing number of sperms. Ginseng also provides excellent natural cure for low sperm count, it increases sperm counts, sperm motility, testosterone secretion and also sexual desire. It also strengthens muscles to boost up energy levels.

Increasing intake of garlic in the diet supports the effects of herbs to bring in the best results in a short duration and naturally. Garlic is an anti-oxidant which helps in promoting blood flow for better health and functioning of internal organs. Eating ripe banana provides zinc, natural iron and sulphur; these mineral are good for curing low sperm count. Consuming a glass of milk boiled with raisins till its volume is reduced to half before going to bed, always help the body keeping the number of sperms up to healthy level. Mild exercises and mediation helps in remaining stress free and keep the body relaxed which also helps in maintaining the healthy sperm number in the semen. There are certain poses in yoga which are extremely effective in increasing sexual energy and promoting smooth functioning of sexual organs. These poses also cast positive effects to increase sperm count and along with herbs form best natural treatment.

Wearing tight fitting undergarments, taking too much hot water tub bath, too much alcohol intake and too much smoking avoiding these habits helps to prevent negative effects on sperm production. Too much ejaculation reduces quality of semen by decreasing the number of sperms in it, keeping the ejaculation down to 2-3 times a week is the best way of avoiding downfall in the quality of semen. The use of herbs cure the disorder and ailments in the body, healthy habits and diet prevent negative effects on sperm production to provide best natural treatment for low sperm count.