Does Juice Plus Really Work? Read on..

Juice Plus is a nutritional health supplement formulated to provide consumers with the most important nutrients to help them maintain a healthy body, keep fit and feel vigorous and vital. Although it’s called Juice Plus, it’s actually in powder form encased in capsules.

Juice Plus isn’t new, having already entered the market starting in 1993. Juice plus is a product of Natural Alternatives International from Santa Monica, California. Its distributing arm is the National Safety Associates or NSA, based in Tennessee.

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The proof is in the fruit

Yes, JP packs a wallop in terms of health-giving qualities but for would-be distributors and members, there are certain issues that need to be cleared up. Information about the product itself is limited – at least for those who haven’t signed up as members. So in case a very inquisitive customer starts asking more questions than you have answers to, you might be left in an uncomfortable position. The unique selling position that is so badly needed by a networking company to explode is also non-existent, owing to the fact that Juice Plus is really nothing new, although it is impressive.

And marketing? JP has the dubious privilege of having been a favorite supplement of O.J. Simpson. Simpson later claimed in his trials that he was actually suffering from severe arthritis, something that Juice Plus was supposed to have cured.

So is this the right business opportunity for you?

There really is no good or bad network marketing opportunity. There is simply the question of determining if it’s right for you or not. When evaluating JP and its company, make sure you have complete understanding of the product and business system. Are you convinced this product can deliver? Do you have faith in its promises? Does product information provided convince you of its benefits? Can you truly sell this product at a sufficient volume so as to derive profit from it? No income opportunity is perfect. It’s how you handle whatever tools are made available that will determine your success.