Best Supplements for Energy

A common knowledge shared by most doctors would have to be that the number one complaint they usually receive is a lack of energy. Few people know that with the help of some herbal supplement for energy capsules, they can be well on their way to being pepped up and ready to go. You must exercise caution, however, when dealing with herbal remedies for energy. Some contain stimulants that, while they do give you an immense energy boost, they also can damage your health.

One example of a high-risk supplement currently being used for energy would be the weight loss drug known as Ephedra. Ephedra can raise your heart rate, elevate your blood pressure, and can lead to such serious problems as heart attacks or strokes, as well as death. Since Ephedra has been banned in many places due to its harmful side-effects, people have had to find different energy supplements. Here’s a list of some of the best supplements for energy:

Biotin- a B vitamin that is responsible for alleviating fatigue because it helps our bodies burn fuel better. Best supplements for energy:

Vitamin B12- Another B vitamin with positive energy effects. Helping to form red blood cells, our energy levels often see a jump when beginning a B12 regimen.

DMAE- a crucial nutrient for the human brain, DMAE supplements are known to boost moods and elevate energy levels.

Gingko Biloba- mostly used for fine-tuning of mental sharpness, gingko also harbors many energetic properties.

Bee Pollen- a widely heralded supplement, Bee Pollen has been dubbed the “Super Food” of nature due to its numerous positive effects. Containing all of the nutrients necessary to sustain life, many praise the effects of taking this supplement with respects to their energy levels.

These are only a few of the energy supplements available on the market. Before you begin taking any supplement, it is important to read the possible side effects, especially when taking energy supplements.