The Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

Tummy tucks are a method of returning a figure, most often, to a pre-child bearing condition. The vast majority of tummy tuck patients are women whose abdomens lost their elasticity due to childbirth. Often the muscles can not regain their original structure which is why simply dieting and exercise may help but won’t work.

We live in a society where overweight and out of shape people often do not receive the same opportunities as healthy looking slender people. For women and men who are trying alternative methods of weight reduction without success, the tummy tuck offers a positive solution.

Just like nose jobs, face lifts, and other cosmetic procedures, tummy tucks are effective tools to bringing about the best physical body possible for any individual wishing to attain a higher level of appearance. There is great debate whether this is an emotionally healthy approach, however a society will not change overnight and criticism can be fierce.

For the most part tummy tucks are a permanent solution to the battle of the waistline. Although bearing more children may result in terminating the effects of the initial tummy tuck at least partially if not all the way.

Important Considerations

Cosmetic procedures are not for everyone. People who are in very poor physical shape may not recover as quickly or thoroughly as those who exercise regularly. People who are sensitive to anesthesia also may want to seriously consider the risk benefit ratio before having any cosmetic procedure attempted.

Cosmetic surgery is a science and an art. The human body is the canvas and it is important to take into consideration that the canvases are not perfect. Cosmetic surgeons can not guarantee results because our bodies are simply never going to be perfect. Often the cosmetic surgeon can significantly enhance our appearance, but they can not fix everything.

Tummy Tuck Surgeon in Las Vegas

Taking your recovery seriously is one way to help ensure that the expected results become the final results. Whether it’s a tummy tuck or a nose job or liposuction, following your surgeon’s post operative instructions is imperative to good results.

Prior to attempting the tummy tuck, you should do your very best to get in good shape with strong abdominal muscles. I know we said that we’re doing this because exercising wasn’t producing the results desired, but at least strengthening your muscles should help not only in shorter recovery periods, but with the over all success of the operation as well.

Talk to your plastic surgeon well in advance about pre operative exercise that can help him do his job better. Tummy tucks take better on firmer muscles than on loose muscles. He should be able to advise you of which exercises will target the specific muscles he believes will assist you in your recovery and success.

While you are firming up, remember your diet. Vegetables and protein can help to prepare your body for the cosmetic procedure, but beware of any vegetable containing high amounts of vitamin K in the two weeks prior to your tummy tuck. Vitamin K is a natural blood thinner and can enhance bleeding during your tummy tuck. Ibuprofen can do this as well.

Preparing your body well for any cosmetic procedure can help your surgeon do a better job and assist your recovery is many ways. After all, you are commencing on the tummy tuck to improve your overall look.

The Final Result

After you have prepared your body, watched your diet, done your exercises, and gone through with the cosmetic procedure it is now time to take special care of yourself. If you can afford it, a few recovery days in a spa or inclusive result can do a world of good toward your final results.

However, perhaps an alternative to an expensive spa if you’re lucky, is an especially attentive significant other to tend to your needs during those first few painful days. The rest will do you well and the care can boost your recovery.

Once you have put in the effort throughout your recovery from your tummy tuck, it won’t be long before you begin to see actual results. The swelling will reduce and give way to a shapelier you within a couple of short weeks. Over time, your body will heal and slowly reveal its new self.

The scarring will eventually subside and you will be left with a flatter, firmer tummy and a sexier body. After all, that was the point of all this wasn’t it? Luckily you will be able to see some results along the way until you are finally recovered from your tummy tuck. If you timed it well, you may even have that brand new shape just as swim suit season comes rolling. Perhaps it’s time to hit the beach.

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